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pastel pink white teal and yellow tie dye.jpg


$22.00 per person 
*travel fee
1 hour party
8 person minimum

A group of children tie-dying t-shirts at a tie-dye party with rainbow colors and a rainbow tie dye tablecloth

Tie-Dye Party Package


​- Set up
-White T-Shirt
-Tie-Dye in vibrant colors 
-Aprons and Gloves
-Rubber bands
-Tie-Dye Trays
-Sealable Plastic Bags
-Clean up

Give your guests a Party to DYE for!  A tie-dye party is affordable, creative, trendy, and fun for all ages! Your party guests will have so much fun creating their own unique tie-dye masterpiece that they can add to their wardrobe. Plus tie-dye is not just for summer, you can customize beautiful tie-dye colors for any season or holiday, like Fall, Halloween, Winter holidays and more. 

We set up, provide all the supplies, supervise, and clean up so you can relax and enjoy your party! Add some color to your party and book with us today!

You can swap your t-shirt for another item! Choose Below for Swap:  
*The price is added to the standard package fee
Sweatshirts Hooded: $19.00
Crew neck Sweatshirts: $12.00
Sweatpants: $19.00

Long Sleeve Shirts $10.00
Towels: $10.00
Pillowcases $10.00
Bucket Hats $12.00
Tank tops $8.00

For more tie-dye fun add and item:
Socks $6.00
Scrunchie $4.00


tie dye sweatshirt with a spiral rainbow design hooded sweatshirt make it look realistic.j

Tie-Dye Slime Combo Packages

Can't decide on Tie-Dye or Slime! Well Double the FUN with our tie-dye and slime package! It's our most popular package! Includes All the tie-dye and Slime Making supplies! Your guests can create and take home personalized tie-dye item and Slime, think about how much a store bought tie-dye shirt and slime costs!

pastel pink white teal and yellow tie dye.jpg

    Reverse Tie-Dye Parties*
per person

Gianna is wearing a spiral reverse tie dye tshirt

​- Set up

- Black T-Shirt

- Diluted Color Remover

-Masks, Aprons, and Gloves

-Rubber bands



-Clean up

*Reverse tie-dye might not be suitable for small children, since reversed tie-dye involves bleach.

Reverse Tie-Dye is one of the hottest trends right now!  Impress your guests with a one-of-a kind reverse tie-dye party! Instead of color tie-dye we provide black apparel and diluted color remover (bleach). The fun part is that you can see results in less than 20 minutes! 

Having a theme party?
You can add a cool design on your shirt! $8.00 upgrade to any tie-dye party package for a one color print. 

A rainbow tie dye mickey mouse shirt Disney world
light baby blue, light hot pink, pale yellow, light green and white spiral pattern tie dye
A green yellow and white tshirt tie dyed in a spiral pattern
A tie-dye party a group of girls showing the white tshirts that they are about to tie-dye

Get ready to tie it and dye it with us and make sure you tell your guests to dress for a mess!

Tie-Dye Party T-shirt Sizes Needed In advance:​

Youth Sizes

YXS | YS | YM | YL | YXL

Adult Sizes

S | M | L | XL | 2XL | 3XL |


Party Add-ons!
Contact us for a complete list of our customizable party add-ons!
Favors, Banners, Signs, Face Paint, Glamour Makeup, Skincare party.

candy kabob table with colorful candy.jpg

Candy Kabob Station

Make your party sweeter with a Candy Kabob Station. It's the perfect way to sweeten up any party, and a great add-on to any of our party packages. Book your party today and let the candy fun begin!

glitter tattoo_edited.jpg

Glitter Tattoos

Add some sparkle to your event

with glitter tattoos! Choose 

from a wide variety of designs.

For some extra sparkle add

some sparkly rhinestones.

Temporary Hair Extensions

Choose from beautiful feather, or color, hair extensions, that will be beaded onto the hair.

They stay in until you take them out.

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